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Guru Dan, Andre ,Jeff, Scott
Uncle Bill, Uncle Dan, Dr Andre

Our beloved late co-founder

Guru Besar Dr. Andre KnustGraichen

Dr Andre

Dr. Andre Knust Graichens titles and ranks bestowed by his teachers:

  • Guru from Bapak Guru Besar from Rudy ter Linden (Pentjak Silat) (Oom Rudy) – 1967-1990

  • Guru (Black Belt) in Pentjak ADE – 1975

  • Pendita Guru Tua (Awarded full Guru in all Rudy ter Linden systems) – 1990

  • Guru from Bapak Guru Besar from Maurice deThouars ( Pentjak Silat Serak) (Oom Maurice) – 1999-2012

  • Guru in Pentjak Silat Pukulan Pak Serak – 1999

  • Title of Heir an Succesor to Pentjak Silat Pukulan Pak Serak from Maurice deThouras – 2004

  • Chief instructor from Guro Benjamin T. Largusa (Kali) – 1978-1989

  • Guro Pangulo (Chief instructor) Villabrille-Largusa System – 1990

  • Title of Sigung from (Uncle Bill) Willem deThouars (Kun Tao Silat) – 1990-2012

  • Sigung/Guru in Kun Lun Pai Kun Tao from (Uncle Bill) Willem deThouras – 1990

  • Sigung/Guru Dalam – (Teacher of Soft style) Kun Lun Pai Kun Tao silat – 1996

  • Title of Guru from Bapak Guru Besar James Ingram (Mustika KweeTang) – 1990-2000

  • Teacher from Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche (Tibetan Tsa Lung Tai-chi)


     With recognitions from:

  • Sir Donald Kessing (Pencak Silat Manyang) 7th Degree Black Sash – 1999-2012

  • Adolf DeVries (Pukulan Serak) 7th Degree Black Sash – 1999-2012

Dr Andre Maurice de Thouras
Sir Don Kessing
Rudy TerLinden
uncle Bill
Colorado group


Disney memorial for Dr Andre

      Guru Besar Hans KnustGraichen

Guru Besar Hans

Guru Besar Hans KnustGraichen is the west coast director of Pentjak Silat USA.  Guru Hans holds class in the LA area at the Triton Gym in Redondo Beach, CA.   

Guru Hans has trained in the following systems :

* Ter Linden Style – As taught by Bapak Guru Besar Rudy Ter Linden
* Pentjak Silat Pukulan Pak Serak- As taught by BGB Maurice de Thouars
* Pukulan Sera- As taught by Bapak Guru Besar Dolf de Vries
* Babo Arnis- As taugh by Grand Master Narrie Babao
* Pentjak Silat USA- As taught by Guru Besar Andre Knust Graichen
* Marksmanship shooting and combat Hand Gun Training- as taught by Ben Rosen, Green Beret Special             Operations Tactics and Firerarms expert
* Villabrille-Largusa- As taught by Guro Ben T Largusa

Honorable Mention

Professor Mark Harrell

Co -founder of IPSF/PSUSA and founder of HAMA Jalan and the MAI / KLA organizations.

Like iron sharpening iron. Professor Mark and Dr. Andre were very close friends and brothers in the arts who worked together to develop themselves and their arts to very high levels of skill and knowledge. We hold Professor Mark as one of our honored GM in the IPSF/PSUA Family since his retirement. He is a respected advisor to IPSF/PSUSA who is always ready to advise and consult with our active teachers and leaders

Professor Mark Harrell

        East Cost Director

           Guru Besar Dr. Scott Sobel

Dr Scott

Guru Scott is the east coast director of Pentjak Silat USA and the east coast representative of Aikido of Hawaii International (AHI).  While cross training in Karate and Tae Kwon Do in 1988, Guru Scott started training in Aikido after being impressed by its usage of an attacker’s energy against them.  In 1991, he traveled to California to attend chiropractic school.

There he met Bapak Guru Besar Andre KnustGraichen, who was an chiropractic instructor, among many other things.  Guru Scott was impressed by the completeness of Dr. Andre’s system.  He and Guru Conrad Bui followed Dr. Andre around until he agreed to take them on as students.  So began Guru Scott’s path in Pentjak Silat Serak.

Guru Scott returned to Maryland in 1995 and continued his training in Aikido while starting to share Pentjak Silat Serak.  In 2001 he and a few others started the Academy of Traditional Asian Fighting Arts (Baltimore, MD), which continues to offer classes in Aikikai Aikido and Pentjak Silat Serak.

              Director and Head of
Pentjak Silat Pukulan Ratu Adil USA

Guru Tua JimBrown RRT


In August of 1994 Guru Jim started to train with GB Hans KnustGraichen

3-4 days a week. Later that year meet and would train with Dr. Andre KnustGraichen (older brother and head of Pentjak Silat USA) when he would come down once a month or so.  In 1997 became Guru Muda under GB Hans.  In 2000 Meet an started to train at the house of Guru Besa Frank Den Daas of Pentjak SIlat Pukulan Ratu Adil.  In February of 2003 at a seminar with GB Andre, Hans KnustGraichen, GB Frank Den Daas and GB Fred Durant.  He received his Full Guru in Pentjak Silat USA. From GB Andre, Hans,  and Fred with a special recognition from GB Frank Den Daas for Pentjak SIlat Pukulan Ratu Adil. Allowing him to teach the full systems.Of PSUSA and PSRA. In 2004 Bapak Guru Besar Maurice de Thouras came out to San Jose Ca. To Give testing and seminar to a hand full of Dr Andres students. At this time he give Dr. Andre's Guru's ranking of Guru in His art of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Pa Sera of which Guru Jim was a part of and added to BGB Maurice lineage. Then in February 2018 GB Frank Den Daas Appointed Guru Jim Brown as His successor and lineage holder From BGB Rudy TerLinden in Pentjak Silat Pukulan Ratu  Adil . In 2020 upon the passing of GB Frank he took over as Head of Pentjak Silat Pukulan Ratu Adil USA.

Pentjak Silat USA

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